International Trade

We have autopart factories in mainland China, and are exporting related products to all over the world. We also have production lines in all kinds of gifts, notebooks, bags etc. You can visit our website to search products that we provide or simply send email to our sales manager for quotation.

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FMCG and Brand Management

We coorperate with world famous cosmetic groups to help them build their official online shops and wholesale channels in mainland China and east Asia. And we have an experienced team to help to promote oversea brands to the huge Asian market.

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Cross-Border Logistics

We provide Hong Kong local storage and logistic service. We can help e-commerce companies from mainland China to construct their Hong Kong logistics plan. We also have cross-border logistics from mainland China to Hong Kong to help Hong Kong residences to buy products from e-shop in mainland China.

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Hong Kong Insurance

We offer a whole basket of Hong Kong insurance and overseas investment. Portfolio Manager Jimmy Ye, CIIA, FRM and CFA can offer customized plan according to your financial situation. Jimmy also coorporate with Hong Kong's largest insurance company Prudential.

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Web Design

Our IT team includes a lot of talented engineers. We are good at C#, Jave, Php, MySQL, and many other languages. We also help design famous website for a lot of Hong Kong local associations. We have a whole bunch of related solutions including web hosting and email building.

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Society for New Hong Kong Residences

We are willing to build Hong Kong's largest online and offline societies for the new Hong Kong residence to integrate into the local society. We also want to present a truthfull Hong Kong to the world. We now have built our Weibo and Wechat platform and we are also constructing our official website.

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We can provide customized solutions to your needs.

Other fields which we are very interested in.

We are willing to coorporate, invest or help others in these following areas.

Hong Kong Catering.


Professional Education.


New Media.

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